Welcome to A Life We Chose,

This is the story of one Canadian family who dared to risk it all and live out their dream of travelling the world. 

We quit our jobs, sold and donated our belongings, took a leap of faith and bought one way tickets to Mexico.

Follow our journey from how this idea came to fruition to where we’re currently travelling! 

Our mission is quite simple, it’s to motivate other people to follow their dreams.

This adventure hasn’t been without it’s challenges of course but it’s been well worth it.

Every day we experience something new and exciting that stimulates the core of our being.

One step at a time we adapt to a new and fabulous way of life.

Join us as we step out of our comfort zone by trying new things, learning new languages and explore new cultures and horizons.

You are invited to be a part of our journey!

If you’ve ever wanted to do something bold and maybe even crazy, then come along and see how we did it.


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